All Dirt is Not Created Equal

GOJO Industries, the global leader in hand hygiene and skin care, is introducing two new dispenser systems, and we at Tarheel Paper Company are proud to be among some of the first distributors to offer this exciting system to our customers.

The first system GOJO is introducing is the ADX system. It is a robust new system with a sleek design and two size options. The high capacity ADX-12 system holds 1250 mL of top quality GOJO foam soap and Purell foam Sanitizer, while the ADX-7 holds 700mL and can be installed in compact areas. 


These dispensers offer:

  • A “bumper to bumper” Lifetime Performance Guarantee
  • Lock-or-Not Technology – so you can choose to lock…or not.
  • Large Sight Window – at a glance product monitoring
  • Optional Messenger Dispenser Station Accessory
  • Optional True Fit Wall Plate
  • Shield – Floor & Wall Protector




The Smart-Flex refill bottles are made of durable, recyclable PET material and are easy to recycle, thanks to a removable pump.

People love the feel of foam, and the GOJO ADX System offers the thickest foam, enriched with moisturizers, natural extracts and skin conditioners. These soaps are mild, non-irritating, and pH balanced to leave your hands soft and clean.



Check out the soap and sanitizer options here:


The ADX system is great for your every day, run of the mill hand washing needs. However, all dirt is not created equal.  There are a lot of dirty jobs out there that require a burlier system. That’s why GOJO added the DPX & TDX systems to their arsenal against germs & dirt.  

Is your job kind of dirty? If so, get the GOJO DPX. Workers want to remove light and medium soils from their hands without using overly aggressive solvents and abrasives. The GOJO ECO SOY Foaming Hand Cleaner product comes in the new DPX dispenser. The Eco Soy Foaming Hand Cleaner won’t clog drains and is dermatologist tested for effectiveness.

 The GOJO DPX Delivery System has the following features:


  • Diamond-plate design connects with workers
  • Rugged dispenser stands up to the toughest conditions
  • Refills are SANITARY SEALED to prevent germs from contaminating the product
  • One hand push operation is easy to use
  • Large sight window clearly displays product level
  • Lifetime guarantee


Is your job REALLY dirty? Then the GOJO PRO TDX system and cherry gel pumice hand cleaner are just right for you.

 The GOJO TDX with Cherry Gel Pumice Hand Cleaner feature:

  • Ideal placement for locker rooms, production, tool crib/rooms, clean-up sinks, maintenance areas.
  • Modern design with diamond-plate effect looks great in tough soil environments
  • Gel formula clings to hand for easy cleaning
  • Pleasant cherry fragrance eliminates soil odors without any lingering scent


Check out the options here:

Tarheel Paper Co. and GOJO Industries care about the safety of your skin and your health. Having a proper skin care regimen helps keep your employees healthy and productive. It also reduces the chances of skin disease. Skin disease is the leading cause of occupational illness. 1 Direct medical expenses for contact dermatitis alone are more than $1.4 billion, and productivity losses are estimated to add another $500 million on top of that.2 When your employees suffer with skin disease, your business winds up paying the price a number of ways:

  • Lost work time and absenteeism
  • Lower productivity and efficiency
  • Unskilled temporary labor & overtime
  • Higher insurance premiums and Worker’s Compensation costs


Tarheel Paper Co. is proud to partner with GOJO Industries to continue to provide the leading skin care products in the industry. Do you want to decrease lost productivity and help protect your employees and your bottom line? Of course you do. So call us today. We’ve got what you need to get the job done.

1.  Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, December 2004.
2. The Lewin Group, Inc. The Burden of Skin Diseases. Prepared for the Society of Investigative Dermatology and the Academy of Dermatology Association.