Get a Grip on Your Stretch Film

We Have the Tools for You

If applying hand stretch film to multiple pallets all day is a necessary part of your shipping procedures, then you’re aware of what a strenuous task that can become. Depending on the volume, applying the film can especially wear on the hands and on the back. While gloves and back braces are fabulous safety measures, we also recommend using one of our tools to help alleviate some of the strain.

We have several options of stretch film tools to choose from, and all are cost-effective ways of reducing the risk of injury and subsequent absenteeism or worker’s compensation claims.

First up is our SBSL267 Handi Ring.  This two piece set is the most cost-effective tool, and is a good way to alleviate the strain on the hands.  The durable set is light-weight, fits 3” cores, and has adjustable tension. The rings rotate freely, relieving pressure on the hands while still providing proper even tension to the film.

Next up is the SL259 Heavy Duty Stretch Film Dispenser.  This option is also lightweight, fits a full 20# roll of hand film, has adjustable tension, and has a comfortable foam grip. Also a cost-effective solution that’s easy on the hands, the SL259 provides a better ergonomic design to also help alleviate back strain to those who wrap multiple pallets all day.

Lastly, we have the NWDBETWRAP Nelson Wrapper. Like the others, this provides a comfortable grip and can hold 11”-20” rolls with ease. This is the best choice for providing ease for the back, as bending over isn’t necessary thanks to its lightweight extended handle. It also provides a brake system to ensure tighter wrap and less wasted film. Here is a video that shows the Nelson Wrapper in action.

So whether you’re looking for the good, better, or best option in stretch film tools, we’ve got the tool for you.

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