iCushion Air Pillows

Securely brace your products during transit and ship clean, professional-looking packages using IPG’s iCushion™ Protective Packaging Inflatable Air Pillow System!

Are you using newsprint, foam in place, or packing peanuts for your protective packaging? It’s time to take a look at Air Pillows.

Benefits include:

~ Maximum Protection: Air Pillows give your product maximum protection, able to withstand immense pressure in shipping without losing form. 

~ Lightweight: As opposed to using solid cushioning material, with Air Pillows, you’re shipping air, therefore reducing shipping costs.

~ Environmentally-friendly: Air Pillows are reusable and recyclable

~ Reduces storage space: Air pillows are produced on demand, so take up minimal storage in your warehouse. 2900′ length rolls are engineered to save you money by minimizing roll changeovers and limiting down time, increasing productivity, and using fewer rolls per order.

~ Flexible – Six distinct sizes for your packaging needs: 8″x4″, 8″x5″, 8″x6″, 8″x8″, 8″x10″, 8″x12″

AP-8000C Inflatable Air Pillow System

• Industry leading speed of 70 ft/min
• Reliable and lightweight design, self
contained unit with handle for ease of mobility
• Ergonomically friendly to load film with ease
• Little to no maintenance required
• No special electrical hookup or air supply required
• Easily adaptable to your packaging station. Standard system includes: Air Pillow
machine, cart with mesh storage bin, plastic corrugated transfer bin, transfer stand,
on-demand photo eye and foot switch

Want to learn more about how air pillows can better protect your product while saving you time & money? Call Tarheel Paper Co. today for a demonstration. We have what you need to get the job done.