Meet The Cousins

Has the amount of pallets your warehouse folk hand wrap every day increased? Are your current employees spending so much time wrapping pallets that you’re considering hiring someone to share the load? If so, meet the Cousins. Adding one of these machines to your warehouse can reduce labor costs, reduce accident risk, and free up time for your current employees so they can work on other projects.

The simple yet sleek design of the LP2100X and LP2100X-A-Arm systems allow for ease of use, and Tarheel Paper Company’s highly trained service technicians are on hand to set up, train, and maintain these machines so your production levels stay at peak performance.


  • Heavy-duty 5000lb Capacity system with massive 10” structured steel H Beam tower construction.
  • Panasonic PLC with mid cycle control and wide selection of wrap patterns.
  • Accu-Count Exact turntable positioning system.
  • Super Rapid Thread Carriage with patent pending pressure balance nip roller system.
  • Rugged Surround Deck included Standard on every model.
  • Auto load height detection photo-eye.
  • Innovative operator safety features.
    • Carriage descent obstruction emergency shut off system.
    • Carriage door electrical safety interlock.
    • Carriage elevator Anti-Fall device.
    • Carriage tilt and turntable drives designed inside the tower.
    • Simple and uncomplicated Machine designs, for a smooth and long operating life.
    • Carefully desugbed to be compact without compromising load sizes.  This results in less shipping costs, increased portability and takes up less warehouse space.

For further details about the simple reliability of the Cousins LP2100X low & high profile stretch film machines, click here.  To see the machine in action, click here.


Three machines in One:

  • Labor-saving Automatic: Attaches and cuts the film for you.
  • Automatic Top Banding: Saves film and time.
  • Semi-Automatic: Gives you the flexibility for special wrapping needs.

A-Arm Technology Benefits:

  • Delivers thousands more successful cycles: Cycle reliability far exceeds traditional methods.
  • Cuts and attaches the film at the top of the load. No dragging film tails!
  • Simple design and fewer moving parts: Reduced after-sales service and maintenance.
  • Turntable and base obstructions eliminated.  No turntable clamps for your forklift operator to tear out.
  • Exact load placement not required for proper wrapping.

Could pay for Itself in 6 months!

  • Real Labor Savings. Imagine all the things employees could be doing while the 2100X-A-ARM automatically wraps each load (building another pallet, moving items in the warehouse, taking inventory…the list is endless!)

The Safest Way to Wrap A Load

  • Employees never touch the machine except to inset a new film roll.

Innovative Operator Safety Features:

  • Carriage descent obstruction emergency shut off system,
  • Carriage door electric safety interlock.
  • Carriage Anti-Fall device.
  • A-Arm Anti-Fall device.
  • Automatic 1st revolution load scanning.
  • Carriage lift and turntable drives designed inside the tower.

For further details about the sheer awesomeness of the Cousins LP2100X-A-ARM low & high profile stretch film machines, click here.  To see the machine in action, click here.

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