E-Commerce Supplies

Tarheel Paper & Supply carries a range of packing materials designed to protect packages of any shape and size. Our Polyair systems provide a great void fill solution for E-Commerce uses. Learn more about our available systems and products below.


It’s versatile, cost-effective, easy-to-use, and eco-friendly. The Polyair® X-Fill™ System is one of the most efficient and user-friendly paper void fill systems on the market. X-Fill delivers high throughput speeds with low maintenance and downtime. X-Fill is available in two configurations: a floor model and a table-top, both of which adjust to a range of customized heights and angles to handle even the most challenging packaging environments. Click Here to learn more.


Fastpak® courier envelopes feature polyethylene with superior tear and puncture resistance. The gray inner layer provides document confidentiality mailers and the white outer surface is ideal for high quality printing. Click Here to learn more.


For Fragile Packaging Proven To Reduce Damage. HexcelWrap is an innovative, patent pending cushioning material that offers substantial benefits over traditional wrapping materials, including bubble, bubble on demand, foam, and other materials. It provides significant return on investment for end users, including damage reductions, pack time efficiencies, and less packaging materials to process an order. There is potential to use smaller box sizes to net cube savings. HexcelWrap is space saving, sustainable, and results in increased customer satisfaction and retention. Click Here to learn more.


Polyair AirSpace G-Series machines provide solutions for low- to high-volume e-commerce packaging operations with a small footprint and light weight for portability. Created with the operator in mind, the AirSpace G6 System produces air pillows and bubble film when you need them. Bubble film rolls can be changed easily to air pillow film rolls with virtually no downtime. AirSpace air pillows can be color tinted and custom printed for branding profile alignment. Click Here to learn more