Put a Label On It

marchbanner2Looking for a custom or stock label for your product? We can help you with that. Tarheel Paper Co. offers a wide variety of labels to suit your needs.

We even offer custom labels that change color. Cool, right? We think so.

Thermochromic labels are advanced, heat sensitive labels that change color at different temperatures. These reactive labels reveal or hide text and graphics when a trigger temperature is reached (either hot or cold depending on your need.) Both irreversible (permanent indicator of temperature change) and reversible (multiple change) thermochromic inks are available for this type of label.

Thermochromic labels are ideal for:

  • Security and quality applications, especially in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Product & brand interaction (ie, Coors Light)
  • Enhancing sales & promotions

Thermochromic labels are just one type of label we offer.


We also offer:

  • Direct Thermal Labels – Offered in numerous stock dimensions, in both standard and premium varieties. Both roll and fanfold are available.
  • Integrated Labels – Perfect for picking/packing lists, return merchandise labels, product labels, and more. Many stock dimensions available and custom integrated labels available upon request.
  • Digital Labels – Short to medium run digitial labels for prime label applications are available.
  • Laser/Inkjet Labels – Both stock and custom sizes available.
  • Specialty Label Products – UL certified polyester labels, polypropylene film, thermal transfer tag, and thermochromic labels available
  • Custom Labels – Various materials, facestocks, colors and dimensions available upon request.
  • Thermal Transfer Labels – A wide variety of stock thermal transfer label products specifically desiged for thermal tranfer printing applications are available.
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons – Wax, wax/resin, and resin based thermal transfer ribbon products designed for thermal transfer printing are available.

Are you considering labels as part of your branding & packaging processes? Are you looking for a new supplier for your labels? Fill out the quote form and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will guide you through the process.

Tarheel Paper Co.: We have what you need to get the job done.