Milazzo Polar Express Ice Melt

It’s fall, which means stores are pushing winter gear & Christmas decorations even though Halloween hasn’t even arrived. Directly behind the Halloween Candy aisle glittery evidence of the upcoming winter holiday funfest awaits the eager shopper. Garland, trees, light up moving Reindeer and -my personal favorite- marshmallow stuffed chocolate Santas all await your purchase.

As evidenced by this week’s product push, even supply houses like us get into the game.  We also want the eager shopper to get ready for winter & the upcoming holiday season, but our product of the week isn’t as fancy as stockings & scented candles.

It doesn’t light up, smell good, or move. It isn’t covered in chocolate. It isn’t even edible.

It’s ice melt.

That’s right, ice melt.

I told you it isn’t fancy. It is, however, necessary when we get “wintry weather conditions.” Injuries from slips, trips, and falls cost money. The National Safety Council publishes annual figures on lost workdays. These figures, which include both direct and indirect costs, are alarming – especially compared to the cost of safety prevention. The direct costs factor in Workers compensation and medical costs. The indirect costs include: Lost/decreased productivity, administrative costs, overtime pay, replacement hiring, managerial costs, employee morale, and slowed work pace due to other employees’ fear of injury. The 2005-2006 estimated cost for each lost workday is $34,000.00.

Ice melt is a lot cheaper. Trust me.

Here’s what you need to know about our ice melt:

1)    It melts at lower temperatures.

2)    It contains heat-generating ice control crystals that ensure excellent product performance at lower temperatures.

3)    It’s safer for the environment.

4)    It has special time release formula. The various components melt at different speeds, allowing melting to occur over an extended period of time.

5)    It works effectively in temperatires down to -15 degrees F.

6)    It’s cheaper than the cost of an injury.

Oh, and the cool thing: Receive net 60 Days Terms for 50lb bag ice melt orders through November of 2011.

Falling hurts your employees and it hurts your budget. Prevent those pains by ordering your ice melt today so you can actually sit back, relax, and enjoy the snow when it gets here.