Replace the Cloth Rags with Something Safer

 Are your employees still using laundered rental shop towels to clean tools, remove machine lubricants, or clean adhesive? It’s time to consider a safer product. Why? Simple. If it’s hot out there, then they’re probably using the same rental towels to wipe sweat off their face. 

Gross. and dangerous.

No matter how thoroughly rental towels are laundered, they retain some degree of waste and contaminants.

 Also, are the rental towels actually doing the job you need them to do? Do they actually absorb the mess, or just create a bigger one?

If the rental towels aren’t doing their job, then it’s time to consider disposable wipers.

Introducing the Like-Rag Spunlace wipers. They’re clean, contaminate-free, and eliminate the waste and hidden cost guesswork associated with rental towels. Wipers that have been used with contaminants can be sent to a waste-to-energy facility for proper disposal. The result: a better environmental impact when compared to rental shop towels. Like-Rags allow you to control costs with consistent case count, size and quality.

Disposable wipers are useful for:

  • Routine industrial machinery cleaning & maintenance
  • Tool cleaning
  • Surface/parts cleaning
  • Applying or removal of machine lubricants
  • Applying or wiping off solvents or chemicals
  • Grease & oil clean-ups
  • Removing soil & liquids from hands and face
  • Adhesive cleaning
  • Cleaning of bearings, gears & drive equipment
  • Polishing
  • Bondo removal
  • Wiping down offset printing plates or presses


The Like-Rags Advantage:

  • Safe: No chemical binders or resins used in the manufacture of Like-Rags.
  • Strong: Super strong even when wet, yet have the bulky, soft feeling of cloth.
  • Clean: Each towel is clean, usable, and always a consistent size. No holes, contaminants or corrosives from prior use that can sometimes be found with rentals.
  • Versatile: Like-Rags can be designed for specific applications in regards to size, fold and put-up. They are available in pop-up, 1/4 fold, crumple pack and jumbo roll option.
  • Absorbent: Ideal for use in greas, oil, cleaning fluids and water – will not break down in solvents
  • Quality: Inherently low linting which minimizes defects and contamination on surface

Not sure which kind of wiper would work best for your facility? Want more information? We’re here to help. Click the button below, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss which wipers will work the best for your application.