Stay Safe, Stay Covered

Since I’ve already given the stats on work related injuries & how safety garments can reduce the risk in the Part one of the safety garment blogfest, I’ll just go ahead and skip to the good stuff.

Wanna look stylish while protecting yourself from chemicals, cuts, abrasions, burns & whatnot? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Tarheel Paper Company offers a wide variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for a wide variety of industries. Check these out:

HexArmor 24” x 30” Protective Apron – This product provides the highest level of cut resistance and is geared towards the following applications: general work, veneer pulling, glass, metal and wood handling, assembly, foodpacking/processing, and filing/grinding. Remember, HexArmor products are cut and puncture resistant, not cut & puncture proof.

Disposable Garments – These handy garments come in Covtech, polypropylene, and Tyvek styles. These are great for agriculture, asbestos and lead abatement, blood-borne pathogens, electronic assembly, fiberglass, food processors, first responders, industrial manufacturing, low hazard chemical cleanup, painting, pesticide/insecticide spraying, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, telecommunications, fiberglass manufacturing, spray painting / finishing operations, lead abatement, mold remediation, and other applications involving dry chemicals, dirt and radioactive dust.

Cotton Apparel – All limited flammability cotton apparel is made out of 9 ounce green cotton. The 100% cotton material is cool, comfortable, and launderable. These products provide economical protection from sudden flame exposure, light molten splash and sparks.

Welding Garments – Memphis Welding Garments come in different styles. Welding Aprons, Welding Sleeves, Welding jackets, and welding accessories are available. Don’t forget the headgear!

Aprons & Sleeves – These vinyl, PVC and neoprene options are great for fruits, vegetable, meat & poultry processing plants. They come in 6 or 8 mil vinyl, Heavy Duty PVC or Neoprene, and vinyl sleeves.

Don’t forget the boots! Max-Lite PU Boots, BYR100, and PVC Boots are available and great for environmental cleanups, concrete plants, meat and poultry packing and other applications requiring heavy duty protection.

Protect yourself. Protect your employees. Call Tarheel Paper Company to discuss all our safety garment options. Remember, we have what you need to get the job done…safely.