Super Spray the Pests Away

Spring means the return of warm weather and the new growth of beautiful flowers and trees. It also means the return of pesky little weeds…and bugs. Lots & lots of bugs. Weeds produce allergies, mosquitoes & ticks can spread disease, and flying insects like bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets can kill if your employees are allergic to stings and bites.

Keep your crops and foliage safe from weeds and your employees safe from bugs by applying the proper chemicals to your grounds as needed. Aerosols are great for small areas & a quick blast, but for the big jobs, liquids are better. To save labor costs & dispense your chemical of choice quickly and effectively, use the H.D.Hudson Super Sprayer™.

Enough Muscle for any Job!  ALL VITON® Seals and Gaskets

90162 Super Sprayer™ Professional Poly 2 gal/8 liter

  • 90162 Super 2G Sprayer_5x5_WEBSprays a wide range of chemicals
  • Stable, 6-footed translucent tank with large funnel top
  • Kem-Oil™ – 48” braided power sprayer style hose
  • Large, comfortable poly Thrustless™ control valve with in-line filter
  • 18” fiberglass/poly spray wand
  • Two professional style nozzles – both flat fan and cone
  • Locking pressure release valve
  • HPP™ High Performance Pump with glove-sized comfort grip handle
  • 1 Year warranty

Get the job done fast & keep your employees safe with this & other H.D.Hudson sprayers, available at Tarheel Paper Co.