Temperature Controlled Packaging: The DuraTherm™ Solution

As we mentioned in our blog about Nordic Gel Packs, we at Tarheel Paper Co. understand how important it is to protect your delicate cargo from fluctuating temperatures during shipment. That’s why we’ve brought on the DuraTherm™ line of insulated shipping containers.


DuraTherm™ insulated shipping containers are made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and protect products from repeat impacts during shipments while also providing protection from changes in temperature.

Available in a variety of stock sizes, these containers can also be embossed with your company logo on them to further boost your important brand name.

Tarheel Paper Co also now carries the WineLoc® Wine Shippers. Made with the same high quality EPS material, these wine shippers offer unparalleled protection & durability. Like the DuraTherm™ insulated shipping containers, WineLoc® Wine Shippers offer the additional benefit of shielding wine from temperature changes during shipment to ensure your product arrives safely to your customer. These high performance shippers are  designed for single bottles, multiple bottles as well as over sized bottles of wine or champagne.


Want to learn more about the DuraTherm™ insulated shippers or the WineLoc® Wine Shippers? Contact us. We’re here to help.