We Cater to the Clean Freaks

Did you know that having a well organized workspace can aid in increasing productivity, lead to increased efficiency, and also have positive health benefits? That’s right. That trash can under your desk and those mops in the custodian’s closet are vital to keeping your business running smoothly.

Tarheel Paper knows this, and that’s why we carry a full line of plastic and metal products for the janitorial industry.  We carry:

Waste Receptacles – From the 28 qt size trash can that sits nicely under your desk to the 65 gallon receptacle in your warehouse, we’ve got the style, size, and color receptacle you need.

Recycle Bins – Whether you want a 28 qt size can under your desk for all that unnecessary paper or a 5/8 cu yd tilt truck for the larger items, we’ve got the recycling bins you need to help organize & dispose of your recyclables properly.

Floor Maintenance – Dustmops, brooms, mops, mop buckets, wet floor caution signs…you name it, if it’s a floor-related cleaning product, we’ve got it. From cut end mops to microfiber dust pads, we’ve got what you need to keep those floors looking their best.

If you’re a fan of productivity, efficiency, and good health, then you’re a fan of cleanliness. So keep those mops fresh and switch out that broom when the bristles look ragged. Make sure you’ve got the right amount & right kind of waste receptacles to dispose of the trash. Keep that building clean and organized and productivity flowing smoothly.

Tarheel Paper Co., we’ve got what you need to get the job done.