Green is Good

We at Tarheel Paper Company are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon imprint, and we know our customers are, too. We’re also aware of how much packaging can end up in landfills if not properly reused or recycled. That’s why we continually think inside the box to find greener packaging solutions. Your product has to arrive to the end user safely, and if it arrives in a box, there’s a good chance you’re using some form of void fill. Since you can’t control how the end user disposes of the void fill, how about using a product that you know will biodegrade easier if it’s thrown away and not recycled?

Intertape’s oxo-biodegradable polyethylene film option is designed to contribute toward your “green” goals by minimizing the weight of void fill packaging when compared to paper or loose fill by using polyethylene pillows filled with air, which are both recyclable AND reusable while offering a reduction of litter impact.


~ Oxo-biodegradable polyethylene film contains an additive that initiates chemical breakdown more quickly and completely in the presence of  oxygen and heat or UV light.

~ Perfect solution for customers looking for an environmentally preferred solution for void fill and cushioning applications.

~ Recyclable and reduces litter impact.

~ Compatible with the AP-8000C System: 8’x8” Resource #: AP150-BIOD8 8” x 12” Resource #: AP150-BIOD12

~ Compatible with the AP-2000 System: 8” x 8” Resource #: AP120-BIOD82000

   8” x 12” Resource #: AP120-BIOD42000

~ 2900’ length rolls engineered to save money by minimizing roll changeovers, limiting downtime, increasing productivity, requiring fewer rolls per order saving valuable inventory space.

~ Custom-printed iCushion Biodegradable pillows available for company logo…or communicate your environmental efforts!

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Oxo-biodegradation and iCushion Oxo-biodegradable Air Pillows:

How does the film biodegrade?

The film has an ingredient that causes accelerated breakdown of the film in the presence of oxygen and UV light or heat. Once the molecules in the film reach a certain size ordinary micro-organisms can consume (or biodegrade) these molecules. This process is called oxo-biodegradation and is described in ASTM test method D6954-04.

Is a Biodegradable air pillow still considered recyclable?

Yes! It may be recycled as a category 4 – Low Density Polyethylene. (LDPE)

Will the components formed after biodegradation be harmful to the environment?

Absolutely not! The film will break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

What other environmental reasons are there for choosing a biodegradable air pillow?

Although an unfortunate reality, not all products make it to recycling of even waste receptacles, resulting in litter. An oxo-biodegradable air pillow that is discarded into the environment is much more likely to undergo the biodegradation process as it is exposed to oxygen, heat or sunlight therefore reducing litter accumulation.

For more information about Intertape’s oxo-biodegradable iCushion and how it can help your company reduce its carbon imprint, contact your Tarheel Paper Co. representative today.

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