Apparel Tagging Just Got Safer

The Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening System from Avery Dennison® is the first apparel tagging solution with an innovative, unexposed and retractable needle design to minimize operator risk when attaching brand message, price, size and bar code tags in retail stores, distribution centers and apparel production facilities.

Reduced Operator Exposure to Blood-borne Diseases

The  Mark V™ has needle safety features that promote proper placement of operator fingers away from the needle puncture zone, which help to reduce:

• Accidental needle sticks, skin punctures and lacerations, even for the most experienced of operators
• Risk of operator-to-operator transmission of diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV and other blood-borne diseases
• Litigation, compensation and employee medical costs
• Risk of regulatory fines from governmental occupational safety and health organization audits
• Time spent filling out required incident documentation and subsequent follow-up

First Ever Interchangeable Needle Guard Designs

• The Anvil Guard – the ultimate in operator protection throughout the supply chain. The design eliminates the need for opposing finger pressure behind the garment when tagging.
• The Tag Holder Guard – a retractable needle design and finger guides ensure reduced exposure to the needle tip when applying opposing pressure during tagging. Ideal for tagging seams in multiple areas of a garment.



For further protection, the Mark V™ Fastening System ensures almost zero contact with needle tips during needle replacement. The unexposed needle design extends needle life by significantly reducing damage from handling and accidental drops.


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