Be Sure-Footed About Safety

Safety first is my motto and I start thinking about it as soon as my feet hit the floor each day. I’m not saying everyone should obsess about safety the way I do, but at the very least, you should be thinking about it as soon as you enter your workplace each day. Providing a safe work environment not only keeps your business running smoothly, but helps keep insurance costs low. One of the first ways to improve safety throughout the building is providing proper matting.

Just like thoughts about safety, matting should start at the entryway of your building. The proper mat placed at the entrance of your building not only dresses up the space for visitors, but it helps keep dirt, debris, and water from getting tracked into the building. The more that gets trapped, the less risk you, your employees, and your visitors have of slips & falls. We recommend not only an outdoor mat at the entrance of the building (and other exterior doors) but an inside mat as well. This provides further protection by trapping even more dirt & water than the outside mat can do on its own. Plus, it helps keep those floors clean, reducing labor & cleaning costs.

Anti-fatigue mats are crucial if your employees stand in one area for a good portion of their day. They help prevent slips & falls while providing cushioning for the employees as they work. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2009 there were 277,560 incidents reported due to overexertion. There were 41,490 back pain injuries reported and 137,660 soreness pain incidents reported. Installing and maintaining proper anti-fatigue mats can help reduce those numbers. They’re also a lot less expensive than the workers compensation claims and lost revenue due to absenteeism.

While the entryway mats and the anti-fatigue mats are the most popular matting options, Tarheel Paper Company also carries industry specific matting as well. Welding? We have a mat for that. Working with electricity? We have a mat for that. Do you have a clean room? We have a mat for that.

We carry several options in the following categories:

Entrance Mats – Indoor & Outdoor

Interior Mats

Logo Mats – Indoor & Outdoor

Tiles & Roll Goods

Anti-fatigue Mats – Wet area & Dry area options available

Slip Resistant Mats

Floor Protection Mats

Welding Safe Mats

Static Dissipative Mats

Switchboard Matting

Non-Skid Mat Underlay Pads

Message Mats

Sticky Mats – Great for Clean Room Application & New Building Construction

Remember, business stalls if you slip & fall. Get those mats on the floor and protect yourself. Call us today and we’ll guide you towards the safest mat options for your application. At Tarheel Paper Co., we have what you need to get the job done…safely.