ecoSUPREME: the Supreme choice in hand stretch film.

As a former outside Sales Representative, I’ve done my fair share of demos for hand stretch film. When I say that ecoSUPREME stretch film is awesome, you can trust that statement comes from someone with experience, not just a Marketing person who sits at a desk all day.

So what makes ecoSUPREME so great? I’m glad you asked.  Here are the key features:

~ Lightweight:  Core extensions and ultra-light weight rolls make ecoSUPREME easy to handle and reduce wrapper fatigue. This means anyone in your warehouse should be able to handle it, so you don’t have to save the job of pallet wrapping for Thor the body builder.

~ Tear-Resistant: ecoSUPREME has reinforced edges to provide unrivaled load-holding force and tear resistance. This is fabulous if your workers are as clumsy as I am. Knowing there’s a reduced chance of nicking a roll when it’s dropped is priceless.

~ Brute Strength: ecoSUPREME’s aggressive cling package is strong enough for A, B & many C loads. Don’t let its light weight fool you, ecoSUPREME is engineered to outperform all competitive hand films regardless of gauge.

~ Economical: Low case prices and on-the-load cost make ecoSUPREME cost-effective. We all like to save money, right?

~ Eco-friendly: Using less film per load makes ecoSUPREME eco-friendly! This is a great solution for your 2011 Go Green Resolution.

ecoSUPREME applications include:

            ~ Cold Environments

            ~ Grocery Warehouses

            ~ Internal Wrapping

            ~ Boxed Products

            ~ Food Processors

            ~ All load profiles

Call us today and we’ll be happy to demonstrate ecoSUPREME’s proven effectiveness. 

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