Get a Grip on Safety!

June is National Safety Month, and “Safety first, then teamwork” is my favorite motto. Providing a safe work environment not only decreases risks for accidents and the dreaded workers’ comp claims, but it boosts morale as well. Employees appreciate having the proper safety gear available to do their job well, and providing it for them is a lot cheaper than insurance claims.

Your employees’ hands and eyes are the most valuable tools in your company, so this week we’re highlighting gloves and safety glasses. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4,930 various occupational injuries to the hands and fingers in 2009, and 27,920 occupational injuries to the eyes. Reduce the risk of injury to these precious tools by providing the proper hand and eye protection.

As you can see, there is a wide variety on the market to choose from. Let our knowledgeable sales force guide you towards choosing the correct hand and eye protection for your employees. Regardless of your industry, we have what you need to get the job done safely.

Hand Protection

Leather Palms –

  • Leather Palms are great for construction, farming, foundry, steel work, lumberjack and millright operations, mining, and general purpose work requiring heavier protection.


Leather Drivers-

  • Leather drive gloves are great for operating construction equipment, operating farm equipment, operating forklifts, tank truck and tractor trailer operators.


Leather Welders –

  • Common applications for leather welder gloves include welding and heat applications, plus all general purpose applications requiring heat, flame or spark protection.


Multi-task Gloves-

  • Multi-task gloves come in an assortment of patterns and options.
  • Velcro wrist closure, which provides a snug comfortable fit and also keeps debris from falling into the glove.

HexArmor –

  • HexArmor gloves have a hidden layer of superfabric sewn into the palm, delivering unparalleled performance.


Cut Resistant –

  • Cut resistant gloves and sleeves can provide cut and abrasion resistance, using high performance yarns, to further protect the hands and arms when working with sharp objects.

Disposable Gloves –

  • Disposable gloves are best when there is a need for greater dexterity in applications. A thin gauge allows a sense of touch and a heavy gauge provides greater protection.


Supported/Dipped Gloves –

  • Great for protection against solvents and chemical resistance, abrasions, cuts and punctures.
  • The glove shell is dipped into a polymer for additional protection.

Unsupported Gloves –

  • Unsupported gloves are best when there is a need for greater dexterity in applications requiring mild chemical protection or a disposable glove solution.


Cotton Gloves –

  • Cotton gloves are a good choice for comfort and breathability in general purpose applications and, in heavier weights, for abrasion and heat protection.


String Knit Gloves –

  • String knit gloves are used for general purpose work applications. Some styles may be dipped or coated with a polymer to provide a better grip and increase durability.


Eye Protection

Premium Series –

  • Engineered to provide the highest level of innovation and demand the very best in safety.


Plus Series –

  • Additional features and options make wearing these styles for extended periods a pleasure.


Value Series –

  • A cost effective solution for those who do not need to wear safety glasses for extended periods of time.


Magnifiers –

  • Added magnifying lenses to the most popular styles. See clearly & look stylish while protecting your eyes!


Safety Goggles –

  • Both standard and stylishly safe options available.