Goodbye Foam, Hello ExpandOS

Have you been using Urethane foam (Foam-in-Pace) for your protective void fill applications? What about Expanded Poly Styrene Inserts or Closed cell (Polyethylene foam) inserts? Sure, they typically protect your product well, and that’s important, but do you worry about what happens to those packaging materials after your end user receives your product?

As you know, we here at Tarheel Paper Company are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help our customers reduce theirs as well. That’s why we’re excited to introduce ExpandOSTM into our ever expanding product line.

ExpandOSTM is a better, smarter, and greener protective void fill material that can easily replace the above mentioned foam items.


–          ExpandOSTM provides superior blocking and bracing capability.

–          Interlocking design creates a protective cocoon around your shipment.

–          Unique design helps dissipate vibration energy.

–          Will protect your product from impact shock.

–          Reliable, predictable, consistent performing product.


–          Simple, loose fill format, flowable product.

–          No complicated instructions or training – surround shipped items with the right                     amount of ExpandOSTM and ship!

–          Forget wrapping, taping, dividers, corners and other special packaging.

–          ExpandOSTM fits your package – use for virtually any type of shipment.

–          Space saving product is expanded at the point of packaging.


–          Made from fiber certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

–          Made from 100% post industrial waste!

–          100% recyclable – just throw in the cardboard recycle bin.

Click here to see how ExpandOSTM works.

ExpandOSTM can reduce your total package cost.

ExpandOSTM usually reduces damage costs, material costs, indirect costs, labor costs, storage costs, and inbound freight.

ExpandOSTM also offers brandability inside the box.

Differentiate your shipment by adding your name to the most protective environmentally responsible void fill available. Your customers will know your commitment to being green as soon as they open the box.

Urethane foam (Foam in Place) has dispensing hazards due to the high temps, messy and toxic chemicals. It is labor intensive and harmful to the operator. One severe shock during shipment can crack or degrade the foam, thus making it ineffective. This puts the safety of your product at risk. Plus, your environmentally conscious end user then has to deal wit the hassle of disposing of the packaging properly.

Expanded Poly Styrene inserts have a high material cost (including die cutting costs), provide no protection if they get cracked, have high inventory costs, and also are difficult to dispose of.

Polyethylene Foam also have a high design cost attached to them, especially if your products come in all sizes and shapes. They take up a lot of space in the warehouse, so they too will increase inventory costs.

Want to see it in action? Click here to see real workers use ExpandOSTM to pack & protect products during shipment.

If you’re still unsure if ExpandOSTM will work for you, call us. ExpandOSTM will provide sample packaging material and will help you through the testing process. So go green. Say goodbye to foam and hello to ExpandOSTM.

Call today. Tarheel Paper Co. has what you need to get the job done.