Wipe On, Wipe Off

Are you using rags or rental shop towels in your facility? Have you noticed a difference in effectiveness between a brand new rag and a laundered one? Are they meeting your needs and wiping off dirt & grime, or just smearing it around? Laundering rags doesn’t guarantee removal of all the dirt, chemicals, and metal shards they’re used to wipe up, which weakens their performance when reused. Try disposable wipers instead. Cleaner, safer, and cost-effective.

To determine which wiper best suits your task, simply ask yourself: Do you need absorbency or strength? How soft does the wiper need to be?

We carry light duty, medium duty, heavy duty and specialty wipers in various brands to ensure that we have the right wiper for your needs. Take a look at just some of the Cascades brand wipers we have to offer.


  • 2-ply paper for absorbency
  • Durable for general cleanup tasks
  • Soft, Nonabrasive texture
  • 100% recycled paper

North River®

  • 4-ply embossed to improve bulk and drapeability
  • Superior surface wipe dry
  • Excellent absorption rate
  • 100% recycled – 43% post-consumer waste
  • Green Seal & PCF (Processed Chlorine Free) certified


  • Multiplies for more absorbency
  • Superior wipe dry
  • Polyester scrim webbing for extra strength & durability
  • Low lint
  • Made from 100% preconsumer fibers


  • High surface absorbency & softness
  • Superior oil & grease clean up
  • Excellent wipe dry capabilities
  • Janitorial & maintenance wiping


  • Cloth rag/rental towel replacement
  • Superior strength & durability
  • Excellent for use in solvents & chemicals
  • Good surface absorbency & wipe dry
  • Multiple reuse


  • Comprehensive 3 level system
  • Antimicrobial foodservice towel offering – Busboy Guard
  • Every towel durable, absorbent and reusable
  • Color towels mask stains for cleaner appearance
  • Convenient dispenser case packaging

Grab n’ Dust ™

  • Ideal for multi-purpose dusting applications
  • Unique material structure designed to be stretched before dusting
  • Tiny dust catching pockets which grab and hold onto dust

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